I know, I have been lagging for quite a bit of time, but there is a reason for it.
In the last couple of months I have decided to shift my interesting to security and automation (python above all).
So, I believe most of my future digressions will focus mainly on these two topics.

To start with, here is a basic python script which is made for testing DNS response time.
It will interact with Scapy libraries and monitor DNS QUERY/ANSWER over time. The script has some inline options, including the possibility to log out the results or keep them into shell.

Scapy is a very powerful tool, which provides highly customizable packet crafting and events interaction.

For the ones not acquainted to Scapy, I really suggest to read this interesting post by Jeremy Stretch as a starter.
To explore some security side of it, check this instead.

On the side note, I am also planning to move the hosting of my blog permanently to Github/Jekyll , which seems to require less house keeping.